About YDPN

Aims and Objectives;

Our aim as a party centered on the choice of promoting equal opportunity and unlimited participation for all young men and women above 18years of Age in Nigeria .

To facilitate a very conducive political environment to accommodate and relate current and relevant political issues

Engage the Nigeria youth and people to actively participate in the political process promote the core principles of the YDPN and Advance the election of candidates who share our values which is tranquility transparency credibility and open accountability


Democratize Politics – amend laws to ensure that political processes, including elections, are truly democratize without external indulgence.

Enact a credible free and fair elections devoid of any form misinterpretation and political shenanigans.

Enact a constitutionally-protected right to vote for all youth with the set skills regardless of the state, region, skin coloration, Gender, social class and financial class or superiority.

Ensure the integrity of election results and fight against vote buying and youth decimated to the use of political thuggery.

Amend laws, policies, and structures that will control the interference of party in government from National set goals.

Ensure that all citizens retain the ability to protect our democracy with their vigilance and to create change where necessary to ensure its vibrancy.

Protect citizen rights and providing equal right and justice to all single Nigerians.

Democratize the Economy – amend the laws to create economic and power decentralization. Strengthen and vigorously enforce Trust laws between the citizens and at all levels of governance.

Strengthen and enforce corporate crime laws.

Democratize Information Creation and Dissemination – through working to ensure diverse political and policy viewpoints are available via popular channels.

Protect internet freedom and fair neutrality.

Eliminate gagging of the media by external forces and governmental agencies.

Create opportunity for independent and public media and protect the right of the media in Nigeria.


  • Inclusiveness – We welcome all and oppose discrimination based on race, color, spiritual belief, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, and national origin
  • Nonpartisanship – We believe that strengthening of democracy transcends political party affiliation Quality – We strive to ensure that our work meets the highest standards of accuracy and thoroughness with utmost credibility and reliability of all youth in our party
  • Originality – We believe that our mission calls for non-traditional approaches that address the root causes of societal problems in the various region of Nigeria
  • Integrity – We adopt to the highest ethical standards in all of our dealings Transparency – We will open our operations and decision making processes to scrutinize our members and work as a public servant to the people who voted us there with up-to-date briefings.

Our mission

To build democracy through the direct adoption of the rule of law, transparency, accountability youth participation and uphold the true tenet of a democratic state.


To create a society in which a well informed and active youth and people is sovereign and makes policy decisions based on the will of the majority